The Career Playbook Privacy Policy

This policy describes what information The Career Playbook collects from our users, and how we use it.

To get the important part out of the way first: we do not and have no plans to share personally identifiable information with any third parties for advertising or direct marketing purposes. The Career Playbook is not in the ad business.

Anonymous users

The Career Playbook collects some usage data from all users: we keep track how people use our episodes, which parts get skipped and which get rewatched, which outgoing links get clicked and which ones don’t, and so forth. We use local storage (a web browser feature similar to cookies) to keep track of repeat visits by the same user — this is the only personally identifiable information we collect in episodes which allow anonymous access.

We collect this information solely for the purpose of learning how we can best improve our product. We may eventually disclose aggregate reports based on this data, but do not and will not pass on individually identifiable information of this type to any third parties.

OAuth users

Some Narrative(s) require users to log in via OAuth in order to view the episode.

OAuth is a protocol which allows you to access Narrative(s) using your existing login information from an OAuth provider (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, or others), while giving you a degree of control of how much of that information we receive (we never get your password, for example.) The amount of information we receive from those authentication providers differs slightly depending on the provider; please see their respective privacy policies for more details.

If you wish, you may opt out of this by selecting “None” when we ask which OAuth provider you wish to use; some features of these episodes will be disabled if you choose this option.

A small number of Narrative(s) support “badges” or “achievements” — for these episodes we keep track of your progress towards those “achievements”. If (and only if) you choose to ‘collect’ an acheived badge, that information will be passed on to the third-party provider of that service (

Some episodes may also contain polls, quiz questions, and (in the near future) notes, discussion forums, and so forth; if you choose to use these features, we store and redisplay the information you enter as needed. (We may delete or modify inappropriate content entered via these features, at our discretion.)

LTI users

LTI stands for “Learning Tool Interoperability” — if you’re viewing a Narrative within a learning management system such as Blackboard or Canvas, LTI passes your identity from that system to ours so we’re able to show you the episode without requiring you to log in again. (As with OAuth, we do not receive your password from LTI.)

Narrative(s) which require LTI authentication are not accessible without LTI.

If you are using a Narrative in an educational context, personally identifiable information about your usage of the episode (including your responses to quizzes, usage of links and discussion forums, and so on) may be shared with your instructor or others at your educational institution.

All users

We may disclose personal information if we are required by law or legal process to do so; to protect and defend our rights, services or property; or to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our service.

This policy was written on June 28, 2017, and is subject to change at any time.